Experience unprecedented endurance with our cutting-edge Gryphon UAS platform. The UK manufactured drone platform achieves over one hour flight time with a 5kg payload on batteries, or two hours’ flight time with hydrogen fuel cell power, all while remaining less than 25kg take-off weight. The Gryphon is optimised for the highest possible flight efficiency of any multirotor in its class enabling upto 100km flight range.

Exceptional Features
Market leading flight times
High payload capacity
Cutting-edge sensors
Swappable hydrogen fuel cell or battery power
Redundant by design
Extended Flight Time
High Capacity
Advanced Sensor
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Safety Features
Projects Completed


The Platform To Fly Further, To Fly Longer

More Than Double The Endurance Compared To Typical 25kg Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) take-off weight Multi-Rotors On The Market.

Why Choose Us

We have the leading experts in UAS development and offer world-class customer support



Experience market-leading flight times and fly advanced payloads with the Gryphon.


Hydrogen fuel cell power

Swap between batteries to hydrogen fuel cell power within minutes for missions requiring 3 hours’ flight time.


Custom Solutions

We ensure that all your specific needs for the Gryphon are met, ensuring the Gryphon is the best platform for your mission.


Fly the best sensors on the market on the Gryphon

Up to 15kg payload capacity

More Flight Time with The Gryphon

Achieve 3 hours flight time while flying a 2.75kg payload, compared to 20 minutes effective flight time on the DJI M350

Product development
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Standing out from the Competition

Receiving your Gryphon is just the beginning

Building a drone like the Gryphon is just the beginning. We understand that our customers’ success hinges on a robust support ecosystem that ensures seamless operations in the field.


Whether at your headquarters or ours, we provide comprehensive training on best practices.

Payload integrations

From custom integrations to optimizing your payload for the Gryphon, our team is ready to offer guidance.

Support Team

Our team offers real-time assistance and expertise to address any issues or questions.

Spare Parts Availability

We maintain a stock of all essential spare parts to keep your operations running smoothly.


Our Specialties

Skycutter specializes in customizing the Gryphon drone to meet your specific needs, ensuring unparalleled performance and results.

Up to 16kg max payload for 20 minutes flight time
Over three hours flight time with a 2kg payload
Specialists in integrating market-leading sensors
Specialists in customisation for your use case; from live sports broadcasting, surveillance, LiDAR inspections and parcel delivery

Explore Our Work

From breathtaking aerial views to intricate inspections, our gallery showcases the versatility and capabilities of our drones.

Our Team

Our Experienced Pilots

With 8+ years of experience and a deep understanding of aerial operations, they ensure safe and efficient drone operations for our clients.


Start Your Aerial Project With Us.

Experience the power of the Gryphon drone and unlock endless possibilities for your business. Contact us today to learn how Skycutter can tailor our solutions.